How to choose the right foundation for your skin type? Choosing a foundation that ticks all the boxes can be one of the hardest things there is in life!! They come in countless shades, formulas and finishes. Yes this is a first world problem but I’m here to help

When you get your foundation right it can look flawless and beautiful but get it wrong and it can have the opposite effect!

With a little research and an understanding of your skin, you will be able to know what to choose. You want your foundation to look flawless, not mask like or cakey.

Here’s some guidelines to help when you’re choosing…

The point of your foundation is to help your skin look its best and to give an even skin tone. 

Understanding your skin type.

This is a crucial step which most people overlook, you must understand your skin type to choose a foundation that suits your skin.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you will be prone to a shiny T-zone and excess oil on your skin. Go for a powder or mineral foundation or an oil-free liquid one. These contain ingredients that absorb oil and prevent shine, leaving you with a smooth, matte finish. 

You can try: 

  • Estee Lauder Double wear light
  • Sculpted by Aimee second skin Matte
  • Laura Mericer Oil free Foundation

Dry Skin

If you have with dry skin, a tell-tale sign would be your skin might feel tight after a shower, or you suffer from dry areas or patches.

Choose a hydrating foundation, a liquid or a stick one. These have a creamy consistency which delivers moisture to the skin and offer great coverage. These have a weightless, watery formula allowing the product to blend flawlessly, and there’s no sign of dryness.


  • Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
  • NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
  • Chanel Luminere
  • Sculpted by Aimee Second Skin Dewy
  • MAC Face and Body

Combination Skin

This is when your skin is oily in some places, and dry in others. Avoid foundations that are formulated to be emollient or oil-rich. I would recommend going for a matte finish and only using powder where you are shiny.


  • IT Cosmetics 
  • Sculpted by Aimee Second skin Matte
  • Estee Lauder Double wear light

Sensitive Skin

If you struggle with acne-prone or sensitive skin. It’s best to avoid certain ingredients that can irritate your skin like alcohol and fragrance. Also, mineral oil and talc is a big no-no.

Try: Mineral foundations are formulated without parabens and skin irritants. Sculpted by Aimee Second skin

The best places to test whether a foundation is a match for your skin is your jawline. The right shade will seamlessly blend into your skin colour and won’t leave you looking ashy or pale. If you wear fake tan you have to consider this when choosing your shade. Don’t be afraid to mix two different colours for summer and winter or when you don’t use fake tan. 

Don’t forget to check out the second part of Choosing the Right Foundation  where I chat all things undertones, finish and the right application equipment! 

Alyson x