Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara +20 Pairs of Collagen Eye Pads


The Perfect Bundle for Collagen Eye Pad lovers! If your eyes are in need of some repair, then this is eye bundle for you! Give your lashes some much needed TLC with this revolutionary Dreamweave Lash Construct mascara. Using a clinically proven Peptide technology formulation to help repair and strengthen your lashes by widening the roots and stems of the lashes. It is great to be used as after care post lash extensions. This mascara gives great length while being smudge proof.

The Collagen eye pads are ideal for anyone who struggles with dry & dehydrated under eyes. The cooling gel pads help to lock in hydration, soften the appearance of fine lines, brighten & de puff. To get maximum relief, store them in the fridge and get ultimate relief for puffy tired eyes

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